What a stock becomes when it goes up at least 100%. Divide the total return by the original investment, and use the resulting whole number. The price of your stock went from $20 to $60? That's a three-bagger.


April Fool’s

Our favorite Foolish holiday, this is when we famously pull a prank on our readers. And it’s also the first day of our fiscal year. It’s a busy day.



Our weekly email that highlights the most important info that was on Jingle.



Our game/tool that lets you create a profile and track stocks. Users (“CAPS players”) get scores based on how well their picks are doing; stocks get CAPS ratings (out of 5 stars) based on players’ opinion of them.



Email captures. This is when people provide us with their email address, usually in exchange for a free report.



The name of the Fool in our logo.



A member of TMF community.


Fool Australia

Our team Down Under is focused on helping ‘mum and pop’ Australian investors — everyday people who are investing in shares to secure their long-term financial futures. The team champions shareholder values and advocates tirelessly for the individual Australian investor.


Fool Canada

The Motley Fool Canada launched its website, fool.ca, in 2012. Fool.ca publishes articles covering company results, stock ideas, portfolio management, asset allocation, economic commentary, and business analysis and opinion.


Fool HQ

The U.S. office, located at 2000 Duke Street in beautiful and scenic Alexandria, Va.


Fool Map

A personal road map of your current job. It lives on Jingle as part of your profile.


Fool on!

A common (but by no means mandatory) closing in our communications to members.


Fool Singapore

The Motley Fool Singapore covers the Singapore market, and also hosts a range of educational content, written for everyday people.


Fool UK

First launched in 1998 as a personal finance site, Fool UK now serves the UK marketplace with a range of investing content, from company results to economic commentary to Foolish stock ideas. This wholly owned subsidiary of The Motley Fool has also published several books, including several editions of the best-selling Motley Fool UK Investment Guide.



The Motley Fool’s website. The Motley Fool provides financial solutions for investors of every kind. Our products and services -- whether free or fee-based, online or offline -- are designed to help people take control of their financial lives.



The Motley Fool's take on philanthropy was one of the Internet's first community charity drives. Through the years, Foolanthropy has supported a broad range of worthwhile causes, highlighted by our annual holiday drive when we work with the entire Fool community to make a difference. The Fool also maintains a commitment to supporting non-profit organizations in the greater Washington, DC area, working with a group of local partners including The Carpenter’s Shelter and Thurgood Marshall Academy.



Our annual two-day company retreat, it’s where we gather to discuss the business, plan for the future, and bond. It’s also where all the best stories come from. Let’s just say you really should wear a seat belt and a helmet while riding in a golf cart.


Our request tracking system. You can put in a “ticket” if your computer is giving you trouble, if you need a new email list, or if your work area is sub-Arctic … anything you need to facilitate getting your job done.


Front End Product

A service that we sell to our Special Offers (link to special offers, below) database and other first-time buyers. These all have a print monthly newsletter component. Services include: Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, Inside Value, Hidden Gems, Income Investor, and Rule Your Retirement.


The grassy area near Potbelly’s

Rumor has it, this was the site of the infamous toilet seat toss during a Foolish summer Olympics. Someone may or may not have almost hit a car with said toilet seat.


Headline Landing Page (HLP)/Article Landing Page (ALP)

Both are used to describe our article page, but are often used in conjunction with our internal ads on the page. Motley Fool ads on our article pages are often called HLP Ads or ALP Ads. See “SFR Ads.”


High End Product

A service that is sold to existing premium members. These tend to be more specialized and higher priced, and only open to new members a few times a year. These are online only. Services include: Pro, Options, MDP, MDP Deep Value, One, and Supernova.



Once a month we gather together for our monthly company meeting, where we discuss our financials, highlight projects, and pick the Fool’s Errand winner, among other things.



Inter-Galactic Lords of Doom. They protect our servers and invade as necessary.


Info Radiators

A fancy term for the TV screens around the office that display different happenings at the Fool.



Our video and telephone communication system.



Our intranet. It’s a treasure trove of all the information on our business, your benefits, and fun things happening at the Fool.



Lets you know which stocks are free to trade, under our trading rules, and prevents you from trading in stocks that are about to be recommended in one of our publications.


Member Monday

A weekly email testimonial from one of our Foolish members.



Motley Fool Asset Management. Investment advisor to the Motley Fool Funds. That’s all we can say due to SEC rules.



Motley Fool Wealth Management.



Our sixth Core Value. Back to Shakespeare, a Fool’s “Motley” is his colorful clothing – a patchwork of expression that sets him apart from everyone else at the King’s Court. We ask all our employees to post their “Motley” for all to see. Some are funny, some are sincere – there are no rules. They all tell us a little bit about each other, and how we approach our work. It must be noted that Motleys can also change at any time (especially when one is on vacation).


The Motley Fool

Our name is an homage to the one character in Shakespearean literature -- the court jester -- who could speak the truth to the king and queen without having his head lopped off. ("A fool, a fool, I met a fool i' the forest, a motley fool," says Jacques in Act II, scene VII of As You Like It.) The Fools of yore weren't simply stand-up comics sporting belled jester caps -- they entertained the court with humor that instructed as it amused. More importantly, the Fool was never afraid to question conventional wisdom, particularly when popular thought was detrimental to the kingdom's people.


My Scorecard

Similar to My Watchlist, but for Premium Members only. This allows people to track the performance of their actual holdings in addition to stocks on their Watchlist. Also compares holdings performance against the benchmark (S&P 500).


My Watchlist

Tool that lets users add stocks they want to watch and receive content about.


Nerf Gun

Wherever two or more Fools are gathered, be warned.



Enforcement mechanism for computer security. A pantsing occurs when someone has left their workstation unlocked. A co-worker will send an embarrassing (yet playful) email to our broad distribution list. This serves as an important reminder to keep computers locked when you leave your desk.


SATA Force

Systems Administration and Tech Advice.  This team is awesome.  You'll understand once you meet them.



When a stock in your portfolio gains more in one day than you originally paid for it.





Special Free Report

This is one of our primary ways of generating Ecaps. Readers can get free access to these stock or industry analysis reports in exchange for their email address.


Special Offers (SO)

Our weekly (or more frequently) marketing email list, which contains a boatload of email addresses from people who have taken one of our free reports.


TMF Name

The name you adopt once you become a member of the Fool Community. The name is always preceded with TMF.