What better day to celebrate than the Fool’s own holiday! The Motley Fool is named in homage to the court jester from Shakespeare’s plays – the one character who could speak the truth to the king or queen without having his head lopped off. Unsurprisingly, April Fool’s Day is a special holiday for us. Since our first prank in 1994, we’ve been having a lot of laughs on April Fool’s Day, while also gently teaching an investing lesson. Among the many jokes over the years, we once announced that we had created a new web site called eMeringue, which sold meringue pie tops online (just the meringue, not the crust). Another year, we unveiled our very own match-making service called Love.Fool.com. So, if you ever see something particularly amusing on Fool.com, you may want to check your calendar. April Fool’s! Besides playing an epic prank on our members each year, this is a day of celebration and festivities. Mark your calendar now.